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How many steps do you take each day? Count your steps with Runtastic Pedometer PRO for Android and find out how many calories you burn or what distance you cover each day. Start your personal step counter on your phone with just a click & take your first step towards a healthier future.

APP FEATURES & BENEFITS: (limited in LITE version)

* Automatic step detection (no matter where your phone is stored – pockets, purse, arm, hand)

* Calculation of calories burned

* Step counter calculates speed & distance

* Step frequency calculation

* Training and activity log incl. analysis

* Overall stats of all your activities

* Share your activities on Social Media like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and many more

* Sync with Manage all data online

* Users can save body metrics like weight and height for a more accurate calorie count

Runtastic Pedometer and Step Counter PRO is the ideal way to track your daily steps and movement as the app motivates you to walk more, collect more steps and cover greater distances by foot. Our Pedometer app helps you reach the recommended 10,000 steps per day. Positive side effect: More steps and longer walking distances mean that you’ll burn more calories too! Take your first step today, download the Runtastic Pedometer PRO app on your phone and push yourself to a fitter, healthier lifestyle with your personal step counter!


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